Customer Testimonial: Peggy Doeksen

Dents + Winter = Rust
September 26, 2017
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morguefileWhen Peggy Doeksen visited her cousin in Omaha, she traveled the six hours from the Twin Cities in her trusty P.T. Cruiser.

“I love that car,” she said. “People tell me to get a new car, but I enjoy this one so much – I don’t want anything else.”

So when the time to leave for home came and her beloved Cruiser wouldn’t start, she wasn’t sure what to do. She stood with her relative, scrolling through Google suggestions on her phone to find a reputable repair shop.

Luckily, a neighbor walked over and suggested Charlie Graham.

“I called and asked them who they use for towing. After that, everything went quickly,” Peggy said. “Mr. Tom and all the lovely people at Charlie Graham got me back on the road and on my way home to the Twin Cities.”

She was surprised how quickly they were able to repair her car despite how busy the shop appeared.

She’s grateful her friend’s neighbor made the suggestion and her students at school and during library story time were also glad to have her back home.

“I thought about it the whole way – I appreciate the effort and good will to repair my P.T. Cruiser with a new fuel pump in such a timely fashion,” Peggy said.

“I was able to get home and back to my life.”

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