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July 15, 2017
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September 26, 2017
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morguefileWhen an inconsiderate driver smashed into Kendra Hagedorn’s parked car and sped away without leaving a note, Hagedorn knew where to take her vehicle for hassle-free repairs.

“I’ve taken my car to the guys at Charlie Graham for just about everything from A to Z,” she said. “Body repairs, engine work, oil changes – it doesn’t feel corporate there. I walk in and I feel welcome and comfortable.”

She likes the family feel.

“All the employees are nice. They take care of me, too. They’re helpful and trustworthy.”

Helpful staff

Hagedorn remembers when the staff at Charlie Graham realized a needed repair was covered under her warranty. Hagedorn hadn’t realized a warranty was still valid and was prepared to pay.

“But they told me,” she remembered. “They’re just great. They care about me.”

During another repair, Hagedorn was delighted by the ease everything was handled.

“I didn’t have to do a thing other than sign my name. They even handled the insurance for me.”

“It kinda sounds like this”

Hagedorn doesn’t know much about cars, so she’s glad she can go to Charlie Graham with any issue and be treated with respect.

“They don’t make me feel stupid.”

She said the staff at Charlie Graham correctly diagnosed a car problem just by listening to Hagedorn’s description.

“I told him the sound it was making,” she said.  ”Of course, it didn’t make the sound on the test drive he took. But he believed me.”

The problem was quickly fixed.

Hagedorn jokes she gets great service because she sometimes brings home-baked cookies for the staff. But she’s sure they treat everyone well because they’re good people.

And while it’s true the Charlie Graham team gives the same great service to everyone who walks through the door, cookies are certainly appreciated.

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