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May 29, 2017
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July 15, 2017
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morguefilesKenneth Bahr is a seasoned customer of Charlie Graham’s.

“I used to do a lot of my own repairs,” Bahr said. “So I ordered parts from them. They always treated me fairly and nicely – I guess that’s why I keep going back.”

And “keep going back” he does whenever he needs a repair he doesn’t do himself. When his wife accidentally rubbed the rear fender of her car against the garage, Bahr drove it over to Charlie Graham.

“I told the lady at the counter what happened, and she asked for my keys so the detailer could have a look,” he said. “The lady told me, ‘hang on.’ Then 10 minutes later she comes back with my keys saying it’s fixed.

“It was a minor repair but they did it quickly and didn’t even charge me.”

Repeat customer

That wasn’t his first positive experience with Charlie Graham. Two weeks before the damaged fender, he brought his Buick Enclave in to fix the seat controls.

“The panels had busted out,” Bahr said. “They had it fixed the same day and at a fair price. It took about three hours and it was all done.”

When his truck’s tailgate latch broke off in his hand one cold winter day, it was Charlie Graham that fixed it quickly.

“That one took maybe a day,” he said.

Hearty recommendation

Bahr thinks the folks at Charlie Graham treat him fairly and get the job done right – and quickly. He was asked if he recommends Charlie Graham to people. His reply was emphatic.

“Oh, yes, in a heartbeat!”

Fairly priced and quick – it’s not a combination typically attributed to auto repair. But Charlie Graham balances these qualities splendidly.

Just ask Kenneth Bahr.

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