Customer Comments

Great crew and owner. Very awesome group, makes you feel like family. Keep it up!
A. Armenta – Omaha

Thank you.
​P. Knight – Omaha

Thank you – you do very good work!
I. Peterson – Omaha

Tom rocks! Kathy rocks! Jim rocks! Matt & Melissa rock! Utmost professional service & courtesy at a reasonable price.
J. Kubat – Omaha

As always, Tom handled the process in a prompt and professional manner, which is why I am a repeat customer.
B. Chaney – Omaha

We hear GREAT things about Charlie Graham from all our friends and didn’t think twice about working with you.
C. Payne – Omaha

Excellent throughout.
H. Mauer – Omaha

Thank you and everyone at Charlie Graham!
​C. Swartz – Omaha

Your service company is the best service company I have ever utilized!
D. Lundeen – Omaha

The updates on the status were helpful. Returned condition of vehicle (wash, vacuum, etc.) were appreciated. Close to work & lift to airport was appreciated.
D. Hendricks – Omaha

All of the staff was extremely helpful when I had questions. They also made sure I felt safe getting back in my car. Thank you!
A. Hobbs – Omaha

Great service, returned for minor repairs but every time was taken care of kindly & quickly.

They did a great job on my car.
J. Lang – Omaha

Great service! Matt is awesome.
N. Vanosdel – Omaha

I thank you for such good services. I was treated with respect. Work was completed as promised & done very professionally.
​A. Walker – Omaha

Matt & others went above & beyond to get my car back to me in time for an important event. They also cleaned inside & out of my car. It looks great!
K. Miklas – Omaha

I’m always confident I will get fair and excellent service.
K. Quinn – Omaha

Always great service!
P. Hamer – Omaha

Excellent service and work. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.
C. Schrader – Omaha

Your team is the best of the best. Will never stop bringing my car in to Charlie Graham. Thank you!
B. Gillespie – Omaha

We have always been very satisfied with your services.
E. Latka – Omaha

A pleasure to work with staff – both vehicles were completed above & beyond satisfactory.
L. VanFleet – Omaha

Matt was very professional and kept me informed as to the trouble with matching the paint color for our car. We appreciated the concern he showed, ensuring things were right!
D. Simanek – Omaha

Why would I go any place else!?!
R. Bechdolt – Omaha

Appreciated that the car was left so clean!
J. Jorgensen – Omaha

Your company keeps in touch with me on a regular basis, answered all my inquiries and worked with the car rental place for me.
J. Hooyboer – Omaha

I liked the daily e-mails that kept me informed of the progress.
L. Herrington – Omaha

My car is restored! We always feel like our cars are getting the best service possible.
L. Marchello – Omaha

Very Happy! Thank you!
R. Powell – Omaha

Thank you for switching out the headlights in my 300C.
A. Czarnick – Omaha

As usual, service was excellent. Great doing business with you. Thank you.
B. Goings – Omaha

Your honesty & hard work are greatly appreciated. Thanks for keeping our Honda Odyssey Van running safely & smooth.
R. & F. Krause – Omaha

Everyone was helpful. I think when I looked like I was going to cry, they took pity on me.
A. Franksen – Omaha

Looked better than expected and ended up costing less than estimated. Thanks!
K. Warchola – Omaha

I’ve always been satisfied with Charlie Graham services.
I. Grant – Omaha

Everything was great! Thanks!
​V. Clausen

Very Pleased.  Not only was my car repaired, it was also washed, vacuumed & dusted.
J. Hackman – Omaha

As always, the experience was positive. A great place to do business! Thanks for always being positive and helpful.
J. Torrens – Omaha

All my communication was over the phone. Your people were prompt & friendly. So far, so good.
R. Stuckland – Omaha

As usual everything went great! Awesome stuff!
​C. Kjar – Omaha

Always going beyond expectations!
D. Schaeppi – Omaha

Always get good service.
R. Tuttle – Omaha

Great place and Tom is a very nice and helpful person. I don’t think you can get any better of a place to go. Always professional and courteous. Thanks again!
S. Tucker – Omaha

Everyone was very helpful with all the questions I had. Very satisfied.
V. Draus – Omaha

I trust the work they do.
W. Freed – Omaha

Thanks as usual!
J. Goessling – Omaha

We called and the technician explained to us the work needed and answered all my questions.
S. Max – Omaha

We have always been treated with respect and kindness for over 25 years and enjoy visiting under such circumstances.
A. Brown – Omaha

Tom is “DA MAN!”
R. Zavala – Omaha

Always fantastic – Thank you! Accommodated my need for a loaner car – greatly appreciated!
S. McMahon – Omaha

Nicest auto service in Omaha!
D. Shaff – Omaha

It was a pleasant experience – the staff was wonderful. I will highly recommend!
J. Turco – Omaha

Have always had good service & treatment.
G. Eich – Omaha

Great customer service & staff. Went above and beyond! Loved having the inside of my van cleaned when they were working on the exterior. Thanks!
T. Turco – Omaha

Went above expectations by painting over some previous marks on front & back wheels when damage was on front bumper. I really appreciated how good the car looked upon pick up. Thank you!
C. Tracy – Omaha

Thank you so much for your service!
S. Kaldahl – Omaha

You have a top-notch staff that work well as a team! I am so impressed with your team @ Charlie Graham!!! Caring people – keep you updated on work – quality job! Would also come back and/or refer others to you! Thank you!
C. Leise – Omaha

This is not my first time as your customer. Everyone is great & the repairs are done beautifully.  The rental car was on time when I dropped the car off too. Thank you so much!
P. Luger – Omaha

Good service and good (great) place to come for service and advise!
Tyson – Omaha

The best shop in the city & probably all of Nebraska!
B. Gates – Omaha

Fantastic!! Will always recommend!
A. Petersen – Omaha

As always service is beyond awesome. Everyone is so friendly and trustworthy. Will tell everyone about Charlie Graham.
K. Engelkamp – Omaha

Great stuff with timely updates via email.
​A. Canning – Omaha

It took longer than expected, but they did an outstanding job and my interior sparkled when I got it back! Bonus!
M. Evans – Omaha

Zero problems, as usual. Repairs made as promised. Had to have a rental & that was an easy transaction as well!
​D. Heskett – Omaha

You are the best!
M. Haller – Omaha

I always have a good time with you people and the service is reliable and correct. Such a relief to not have to drive to the dealer in Iowa.
F. Macca – Omaha

You have done everything you could to earn my continued trust. Great people to work with – so professional and kind.
A. Cordell – Omaha

One of the few places that still cares about service – and it shows!

You are good, very good!
S. Drzaic – Omaha

Hopefully I won’t need your services, but if I do, you can be sure I will choose Charlie Graham!
L. Braymen – Omaha

Continued efforts until you solved my problem. Thanks to Tom!
J. McCloskey – Omaha

In the preliminary estimate for the days to repair it was reduced from 7 to 4 – this was greatly appreciated!
D. Spielman – Omaha

Hands down, your shop is the best in town. Very friendly staff.  Most of all, I trust you guys. Thanks for all the years of service.
M. Smith – Omaha

Met Matt for the first time and he was courteous and professional, yet very friendly. Very Impressed. All your guys did a GREAT JOB!
D. Schaeppi – Omaha

Wonderful people to work with & do a super job on my vehicle!
A. Drake – Omaha

All staff was courteous & highly professional. There is a great “team” of people working at Charlie Graham.
M. Hodik – Omaha

Very satisfied. Tom was a lot of help. I will recommend Charlie Graham to all my friends and relatives.
K. Schreiner – Omaha

D. Peterson – Omaha

It took me years to find an honest reputable place to take our vehicles for servicing & repairs. So very glad I found Charlie Graham!! Tom, Kathy, Jim & ALL the team are wonderful! Thank you!
​M. Klug – Omaha

If something is not working from a previous visit, Charlie Graham is always willing to make it right. Thanks.
J. Robison – Omaha

Thanks for letting me leave my car for the flat tire!
O’Donnell – Omaha

Thanks Jim, Matt, Kathy for getting the 2012 Civic looking like new! Job well done.
M. Jackson – Omaha

You continue to be excellent. If I could give you more than an A+, I would!
T. Comba – Omaha

Excellent Service. The repair was professionally done & the car wash/vacuum was a wonderful surprise!!
K. Klosterman – Omaha

Service at Charlie Graham is amazing. Thanks!
M. Uhlig

Great service, price & customer care! Thank you!
K. Allen – Omaha

Great job as always! Thank you!
C. Morris – Omaha

Thank you all so much for everything!  I have never felt more welcome & comfortable at a repair shop!  You even took care of everything with the rental car.  A++++!  I will be back!
K. Goodwin – Omaha

I have been extremely pleased with the services. You guys have been very honest with me. You have gone above and beyond. Thank you very much!
B. Brewer – Omaha

Awesome Jim, Thank You! Above & beyond!
D. Parks – Omaha

You always do good jobs that I need done and you explain everything that I can understand.
S. Howe – Omaha

Best customer service that I have ever received from any body shop ever!
D. Mike – Omaha

As a single woman, who isn’t knowledgeable about cars, I appreciate that I can bring my car to a place that I can trust to be honest.
M. Patterson – Omaha

I was pleasantly surprised by the bill!
R. Ryan – Omaha

Really appreciate the courtesy van!
Haller – Omaha

I’m very satisfied with the service. Thank you!
S. Bhandari – Omaha

Family friendly Omaha service at it’s BEST!
S. Davis – Omaha

As always, thank you!!
​Marla – Omaha

Thank you for your great service and friendliness.
D. Keister – Omaha

We are always pleased with our Charlie Graham staff & service.
R. Mierendof – Omaha

You guys are the best in Omaha. Thank you!
B. Gillespe – Omaha

Delighted with the attentive, professional service.
G. Reid – Omaha

As always, professional, dependable and honest! Can’t ask for more!!
P. Cross – Omaha

Thank you! Always great service.
Anonymous – Omaha

Your business was highly recommended by a friend and I found the praise to be warranted . One of your employees found some cash that fell out of my purse & returned it to me.
J. Burke – Omaha

The whole staff from top to bottom were great. Matt, Kathy, Ed & everyone were great!
Sophia D.- Omaha

Great as always!
Ivers – Omaha

I trust the employees of Charlie Graham to be honest and I trust them to work on my car! I appreciate that about your business! Thanks.
Parker – Omaha

Blindsided; in a good way from start to finish. Quick, professional and “old school” service done right! Thanks.
​Christensen – Omaha

Extremely polite. Best customer service I’ve had at any repair business!
Mary – Omaha

Great work!
Breys – Omaha

Great service!
Gail – Omaha

I have never been dissatisfied with your service and I recommend you to anyone who asks. You are the best!
Tracy – Omaha

Well done!
Phil – Omaha

As always great customer service and the work was done very, very well! This is why we keep coming back!
John W. – Omaha

More than satisfied in every respect. I trust your people fully and with great appreciation. Thank you for all you have done for me.
Doris – Omaha

Thanks very much for all you folks do!
John – Omaha

You continue to provide excellent friendly service.  Just keep the quality level I’ve come to expect from Mark and staff!
Harry – Omaha

Always outstanding service with professional and courteous interactions with staff.
CJ – Omaha

Great Service, as always – Thanks!
Jody – Omaha

Car looks great! I really appreciate being able to drop off my rental with Charlie Graham also!
Joseph – Omaha

Have been going to you for years and VERY satisfied; so of course, I’ll be coming to your shop until I’m 89, and thank you!
Betty – Omaha

Did a great job on the repairs. Thanks for the clean up and the detailing!!!  Looks brand new!!!
Dorothy – Omaha

Always the best service from the staff at Charlie Graham!
Mary Beth – Omaha

Great service!  Honest people didn’t let me drive away in my repaired/new looking car without the airbag light being looked at! Thank you!
Marita – Omaha

The car looked great – I was so happy!  Everyone at Charlie Graham was extra nice and very professional.  Thanks again!!!
Phyllis – Omaha

Staff went above and beyond in quickly and efficiently resolving the problem. I could not have asked for better service.

Great service-Always! I highly recommend Charlie Graham!

You guys are awesome! The car looks like new! better than when we bought it! You even cleaned the inside and mats. We always recommend you!

Thanks for fixing my hood and roof of our car. It was about the same time that my forgot to latch the hood of our CRV that I learned I had a brain tumor. I has to go to Cleveland and you guys did a great job very quickly so I could be on my way. You were gracious, courteous and understanding even when I forgot an appointment because I was preoccupied. Thank for all that!

Great company, great people, honest,caring, can’t say enough good things about all but especially Mark!

Great shop! No issues its all good!

This was my first experience with Charlie Graham Auto Body. I was very impressed! Thank you!

The whole experience again was excellent! Thank you so much!

You provide great service! Thank you!

I love the service and appreciate the communication.

Great service, Thank you

Great work as always!

Job well done! Thank you!

Service was phenomenal! I plan on taking my car back to you [Charlie Graham] for future servicing needs. THANKS for your great work!

Thanks for your kind and professional service. You made a stressful event very bearable.

You people rock! Thanks for the service

I was really impressed with the service, very appreciative. Thank you

Outstanding service, quick, efficient, and customer oriented. Thank you

Kind people, excellent work!

Your work on the car was exceptional.

I really appreciated the e-mail updates. Very nice touch. Friendliest people in town work at Charlie Graham. Thanks!!

You are always polite and helpful. I know you dont really appreciate working on my 1988 vehicle but, you do. Thank you.

We were very impressed with your customer service, high quality of work, fair prices, and coordination with insurance co. What should have been a hassle was very easy.

This body shop was very professional and the work performed was great.

You folks are top notch

Our experience was excellent. Mark is wonderful! Your reputation is stellar; several of our friends told us how great Charlie Graham is and the service is perfect!

You are and were great again! Thank you guys very much

Thank you Mark for a great job. Your guys are good

Great business model! Service above and beyond.

It was a great experience throughout the repairs on my wife’s ’03 Dodge Neon. Mark and staff did an AwesomeJob! Car looks like new!

Keep up the excellent work!

Wonderful service, great work!

Wow! My car looks GREAT inside and out. Thanks for cleaning it up for me! i’m going to try to work out my altercations with the garage!

Car looked wonderful and [was] so clean inside. Your staff in the office are the best! Thank you

Professional service at all times. Always comfortable referring business to you.

I recommend you to all my friends. Thanks so much!

You are the best!

We were treated very good by the while staff and felt very good, taken care of! 

Thanks for everything!

Great Work

We are very happy with your organization, especially the ones in back working with fenders, car hoods, grills, bumpers, headlamps, panels, etc. But, the front people are A-1, too! The car looks great!!

You guys are the best

Your staff and services continue to be a superior combination. Thank you! 

Repairs were done sooner than expected. Detailed, clean car was a nice surprise. Thank you!

Great job as usual!

Pleasantly surprised at the fast turnaround of the body work. Cant see any sign of a dent, very Impressed!

Done early looks good, thanks!

Always a pleasure! Mark and Kathy are great to work with.

Very Satisfied

Cleaned my car, which was a nice surprise!

Appreciate your letting us drop of the car early to accommodate our vacation plans!

I always appreciate the good service and customer support I receive from Charlie Grahams. I’ll continue to come back! Thank you! 

The whole outfit runs like a well oiled machine. What I heard while waiting was communication amongst the staff, it is so key.

We always love our service at Charlie’s!

What you do, the way you do it, and your consistent attention to detail. Its why I keep coming back. I trust you.

Door looks great!

Best auto body experience, staff cared about customer service, great staff, vehicle looked awesome when returned.

Everyone is always very nice here. We appreciate that!

Excellent, quality service! Five stars, make it ten!! 

The service people are always friendly. Tom was very good at explaining the repairs on my pickup and they were very thorough for getting to the bottom of the problem.

The service you provide has always been above and beyond the call of duty

Great as usual!

Thank you so much for helping us with our problem!

Our expectations as always were exceeded. Exceptional customer service. What was promised was delivered. Great Business

Excellent work. As always your service department is the VERY BEST!

Completely pleased in every way!

Great Job!

Truly fantastic! Our nephews were driving thru Omaha and you all jumped in right away to help us deal with their car problem. Thank you!


You guys rock!

I was delighted with how good my car looked after repairs.

We have been very happy with the work done and customer service each time we have a car serviced! 

Everyone was great to work with. Thank you! 

My car looks like the day I bought it! Excellent service. Staff is amazing! Thank you! 

You do superior work and all your employees are very helpful.

Mark and team do great work and wonderful to deal with them!

I am delighted to return to Charlie Graham, Jim, Mark, Ed and all. It is like returning home after a long time away

Many thanks! Now it’s my job to keep it damage free! 

Excellent work, as always!

The quality of the work and service is always excellent!

I love the service I get at Charlie Graham. The repairs are always completed in a timely manner and I am never over charged for the work. Love the staff!

Thank you for not charging us to check the a/c for the freon!

Great Service!

Most Organized shop I have ever worked with!

I feel like I am treated honestly and fairly. Thank you for fixing my car.

Great to have someone answer the phone when I called with updates and immediate answers. The car looks great! I like the finished job. I would recommend your business to our customers. Thank you.
Monte-Grand Island

I appreciated how clean my car was inside and out. Thank you!

Thanks to Tom I didn’t get the run around. He knew the correct fix for the problem.

I hope I don’t need repairs for awhile, but if I do I’ll certainly take my car to Charlie Graham! Cant say enough about Mark, Kathy and the team. Thank you!

Very warm, friendly staff; seemed to anticipate my needs. I am most pleased with my experience. 

My car is beautiful! If I got in another accident I’d take it to Charlie Graham. I love my car! Thanks again!

You all did a great job. Words can’t say it all. You all could have my business for life. Thanks for a job well done.

Best Service! Thanks!

Second time getting the best service ever! Rental company messed up but the woman at the front desk [Kathy] made it right quickly and made my week! I tell everyone about the great experiences and you are great!! 

We would not take our cars ANYWHERE else!

Excellent service and always fair.

Great service and [my] car looks fantastic! Thank you!

Always receive good service

Excellent service!

We have always been treated fairly and in a courteous manner

Thanks for all that you do for us!

I’m very happy with the work you did on my car after it wouldn’t start and grateful that you were able to fit me in on such short notice. Thanks!

Superb job all around! Thank you!

Always happy with the service we receive!

The body work and paint work were outstanding. the car looks better than the day i bought it. Just a perfect job!! 

I appreciate their [Charlie Grahams] honesty and promptness

I am always thankful for you [ Charlie Graham] not just on Thanksgiving!

Everything was excellent. I’ll be back!

Thanks for the time, space, and professionalism in getting repairs made for me

As always Charlie Graham came through in a big way! Thank you [ Charlie Graham] for doing such a great job with my car door-it looks perfect!

Mark is great- a pleasure to do business with. Many caring employees to assist customers. Very courteous! If asked I would recommend Charlie Graham.

Always a pleasure to do business with you! We also tell others about you [Charlie Graham] and the great work you do!

Repair looked great, Mark explained everything in detail. I would definitely use Charlie Graham for any future needs.

Thanks! As always a job well done! 

The work on my car was done on time and all work [was] done well and to my satisfaction.

Charlie Graham always does great work. (Their) Customer service is exceptional!

Absolutely the best place in town to have my car repaired. Thank you to the entire team!

We love the service we get from Charlie Graham. 

You and your staff are the nicest people. You all did a good job on my car and it is [running] just fine. Thank you all so very much.
Aro – Omaha

Amazing how much Jim Champion and “The Auto Guy” look alike. Tom, you are “DA MAN”!!!!
Rich – Omaha

Great service! Thanks for all your help and cleaning my car!
Nicole – Omaha

Always the best!
Michael – Omaha

Perfect job – very appreciative.
Mary – Omaha

Personnel are always friendly and willing to give good customer service!
Glen – Omaha

Prompt, efficient services performed with attention to detail in a courteous and pleasant manner.
Carol – Omaha

Thanks to all. A great job with awesome service, I appreciate it!
Susan – Omaha

Thank you for your professional service! I will recommend your shop to other people. I may have you preform other services such as oil changes for my car.
Alan – Omaha

Best car shop in town. Honest, efficient, and very helpful!
Quyen – Virgina

Thank you for the great service! Tom took great care of me and made sure the air conditioning system [in my vehicle]  was analyzed and repaired quickly and professionally. The care was ready several hours ahead of time.
Denny – Omaha

Each person was very courteous and helpful. I was impressed with the quick response at the beginning, the emails throughout, and taking care of my car.
Cheryl –  Omaha

Your shop was highly recommended and I will come back if ever needed.
Elizabeth – Omaha

We are repeat customers and will keep going back. Excellent work!
Scott  – Omaha

I always appreciate Kathy, Tom, and Mark’s help! I feel like they have my best interest at heart. I try to send everyone I can [their] way!
Amy – Omaha

Always pleased with your service.
Claudia – Omaha

As always, thanks for the great service and expertise.
Anonymous – Omaha

Great job getting my car repaired and keeping me updated
Adam – Omaha

Appreciate the ride to work when I dropped it off and for being gracious and kind when I needed to reschedule the time (twice)!!
Eve – Omaha

Would recommend your services without hesitation.
Anonymous – Omaha

Great service and experience. Car looks great.
Tom – Omaha

You always go the extra mile!
Tom – Omaha

Best experience I have ever had with repairs. Great service, email updates, cleaned vehicle- all aspects were great!
Chris – Glenwood

I am very pleased with [the] work on my car and the transportation you provided to me. Thanks
Elena – Omaha

Very friendly and helpful. Always great service. Love the convenience of the courtesy shuttle. Thanks as always.
Doug – Omaha

You guys are great! Thanks for keeping me updated on the status of my car. We will miss working with you, as we move to a new city.
Brad – Ohio

Charlie Graham Body Shop not only did a superior job (and cleaned my car- a bonus!) but everyone who works there acts like they enjoy their work and customers- a rarity!
Pam – Omaha

Outstanding as always!
Skip – Council Bluffs

Thanks for getting [our] car in and completing the work so quickly!! 🙂
Jeanne – Omaha

Great staff- great body work on my car.
Rick – Omaha

I always know that Charlie Graham is being honest with me, and am happy to continue supporting this small business.
J. – Omaha

It is great to see everyone work as a team. Great cooperation!
Jeff – Omaha

Charlie Graham is like family to us- having serviced our cars excellently for decades and now for our grown children and their families as well.
Pam – Omaha

Superb in every way- customer service, workmanship, ease of working with staff on insurance issues. Thanks to all the C. Graham team!
Tracy – Omaha

Your repair guys and prices are #1!!
Jenny – Omaha

Thank you for being honest and fast.
L. – California

My favorite car repair shop in all of Omaha.
Jim – Omaha

This was my first visit at your business, overall service was good.
Karla – Omaha

A friend referred me to you. I was very satisfied and pleased. Done before schedule. I would refer my friends and associates to your company. Satisfied customer!
Joyce – Omaha

Everyone was very professional and courteous. Thank you – I will recommend you to others. 🙂 
Lloyd – Omaha

Many thanks to Mark, Kathy, and Tom for your good service and rapport that I have always experienced at your facility. 
Glen – Omaha

Mark and everyone – Great Job! Appreciate the great, great service of everyone at Charlie Graham!
Jeff – Omaha

I’m always happy with the work – it’s good to have an honest friend I can trust to work on my car. 
John – Omaha

Thank you so much! I was surprised to see how shiny my car was. And the repaired bumper looked brand new!
Marie – Omaha

I’m glad there’s an independent place I can get my bodywork done. Looks great!
John – Omaha

Thank you for the ride from work to the shop. Your services are always appreciated!
Kay – Omaha

Mark was very helpful with the confusion surrounding the insurance company. 
Bob – Omaha

I love the service here, they found a tie rod that could have been a dangerous situation for me if not replaced. Thanks A LOT!!
Colleen – Omaha

You give us welcome confidence and comfort, with the knowledge that you are here for us in our neighborhood! Thanks!
Jack – Omaha

I have been a customer for many years – my “old” car and I appreciate the care given. 
Trudy – Omaha

Everyone was extremely nice and so helpful! You go the extra mile and it is appreciated! I am a first-time customer and I plan to return for all of my auto needs. Thanks!
Andrea – Omaha

This is my 3rd time to have body work done at Charlie Graham in just over a year. I trust your work to be excellent and your staff to be kind and professional. 
Katheryn – Omaha

My wife heard many great compliments about your company from co-workers. I found your work to be very efficient and appreciate the call regarding additional work needing done! 
Chris – Omaha

Always great work Mark and Staff! 
Lynn – Omaha

I really appreciated the ride home. Thanks!
JoAnn – Omaha

Great job! Thank you fr your honest assessments of repairs needed and consultation on repairs and car marketability. 
Warren – Omaha

Mechanics staff is great! Always providing great service!
Anonymous – Omaha

Always receive great service! Thank you!
Daniel – Omaha

The work done was great and I really appreciated it being cleaned. Thank you!
Jacque – Omaha

Always positive results. 
John – Omaha

My car looks perfect again. Thank you!
Patty – Omaha

This was second experience with Charlie Graham and we couldn’t be happier with you fine folks. Communication, quality work, professionalism all A+! Thank you!
Rob – Omaha

Everything was great!! — Thank you!!
Mike – Omaha

Thanks again. 11 days not 14. See you at Bakers! 
M.J. – Omaha

Thank you for vacuuming my car, it looks so much better!
Chaley – Omaha

Thank you for fixing oil leak on ’96 Mazda truck. Very happy with service. Will recommend you guys to others. 
John – Omaha

Always very courteous with GREAT customer service. 
Carla – Omaha

Everyone was very helpful and friendly. Thank you!
Leny – Omaha

Great Job!
Charles – Omaha

I can’t thank you all enough for the amazing service you have provided through the years!
Jim – Bennington

I want to express my thanks to you again for fixing my two passenger side tires. They are holding air! Your work is always exceptional and your customer service is superior. 
Anonymous – Omaha

Everyone is exceptional! Absolutely a pleasure to be treated so respectful. Thank you! 
Evelyn – Omaha

Every time I come here I am blown away by the courtesy, efficiency, and convenience. Thank you.
Kaylie – Omaha

Paint match was great. Quality work
Schmeling – Omaha

All good!!!
Don – Omaha

Excellent communication of auto issues & always trustworthy.
Monica – Omaha

I have had work done before at Charlie Graham and have always been very happy with the service. Have recommended to other people.
Roberta – Omaha

Tom went beyond the normal call to find out what was wrong with my transmission and found the apparent solution. It is working fine.
D – Omaha

Thank you for the Christmas card you sent!
Jeff – Omaha

Excellent customer service from Mark and every staff member!! Very happy with the results.
Nicole – Omaha

All your employee’s hard work – car looks amazing! Thank you!
Geraldine – Omaha

Mark and Kathy were very professional, courteous, answered questions, made me feel at ease, and took care of details. Plus they cleaned the car!
Wayne – Omaha

Other than the fact that an accident occurred, I have always been happy working with the staff at Charlie Graham. Especially Mark and Kathy. Thanks!
Don – Omaha

Always satisfied with services!
Warren – Omaha

You are all great!
Jennifer – Omaha

All good!
Becky & Brian – Omaha

You guys have always treated us very well.  We wouldn’t go any place else! 
Greg & Coreen – Omaha

Everyone was awesome to work with! So surprised to see the inside of my car clean! You guys rock!
S – Omaha

Very good service and price. This will be my new automotive shop and where I refer others to stop.
Bryan – Omaha

Great customer service. All your staff went beyond the norm to help me. 
Jim -Omaha

Great service as usual. Thanks for alerting me to future needed repairs. 
Tom- Omaha

Very courteous and helpful staff. Work was completed on time as promised except small detail which was communicated to me and also completed as promised. I’ll tell people too!
G – Omaha

Excellent work.
Brian – Omaha

Always great service. Always happy with the work provided!
Tom & Lisa – Omaha

Great service and great staff!
Paul – Omaha

Great service, great work, every time! Thanks! 
Unknown – Omaha

Always fair and honest treatment/service. Thanks again!
John – Omaha

Your customers never doubt your service. We are grateful for you. Your integrity and good work.
Bonnie – Omaha

Everything was awesome. The truck looked better than when I bought it!
Bob – Omaha

Love, love, love Charlie Graham and their staff!!!
Lisa – Omaha

I normally go to Baxter Auto Body Shop but saw your work with my father’s Jeep. You were able to get my car in quickly and when I got it back I was impressed with the work and how clean it was! Thank you! I will always come to Charlie Graham for my car repairs! In addition, I like that I was updated through email on the progress!!
Adia – Omaha

I am always completely satisfied with all the services, they fit me in even when I’ve not made an appointment. I appreciate their professionalism.
Kathy – Omaha

Pleasant and professional on the phone, never pushy to do extra work, which we respect!
Unknown – Omaha

We really appreciate the referral to Dave’s Complete. He was able to do the job and was very fair.
Don – Omaha

Thanks again for your services. I feel confident knowing you are a reputable service center. Also very convenient to UNMC.
Matt – Omaha

You guys are the greatest!!!!
Mark – Omaha

Perfectly satisfied. Work was done quickly and professionally. 
Brett – Omaha

Outstanding as always! Love that you washed and cleaned the interior of the car too! 
M – Omaha

I love working with everyone there – so courteous and professional! Thanks for taking service seriously – you are greatly appreciated. 
Marni – Omaha

Appreciate how fast you got my car in to be worked on! 
Kristin – Omaha

We always have great service at Charlie Graham’s. We’ll be back! 
Pat – Omaha

Every part of my Charlie Graham experience was exceptional!!! Work was finished ahead of schedule. The daily updates were very appreciative!!! 
Tyler – Omaha

You guys are the best, very professional and courteous. I will always refer others to you!
Jeanie – Omaha

The customer service is amazing! I felt like a VIP. I am recommending your business to everyone I know! 

Thanks for your recent service and professionalism!!!
Jennifer – Omaha

I was very happy with my car; you did a great job and it was nice to know every thing being emailed. I am one Happy Customer!
Teri- Omaha

Since the first time I stepped into this shop I could tell everyone really care about me and were attentive to my car’s needs. Thank you for the great work you do.
Unknown- Omaha

You all are wonderful. It feels like home at your shop. Thank You.

They did a great job helping me when I had a serious problem.

Thank you for your friendly, reliable, and prompt service, as always.
Wayne- Omaha

As it has always been; The service and people are great.
R.L- Omaha

Thank you for making me feel like I am your only customer. Great Service- giving back my car looking “better than new” both inside and out.
Clara- Omaha

You guys are friendly and do great work.
Dan- Omaha

Had a tail light/hood problem; as always took care of my problem cheaply and quickly. Will recommend to everyone!
Scott- Omaha

You all did a wonderful job restoring my Highlander! Friendly staff, competitive rates, in my neighborhood, and the work was completed ahead of schedule! Thanks!
Jeni- Omaha

It was wonderful that the people up front had remembered talking to me and telling to come in and drop off my truck.
Rhonda- Omaha

They did a very good job, plus the car was finished very soon. Thank you.

Great Job. Keep it up.
Fran- Omaha

Great Service and great people to work with.

Charlie Graham provided the most excellent customer service that I’ve ever received. I didn’t have to do a thing! Thank you Mark Dunwoody and staff!

Fabulous, as usual! I Love Charlie Graham!

Nice work replacing the radiator on my Le Sabre. I like my car and I really needed that fixed.

Service was good and very satisfied with what was done.

Thanks for replacing my belt  assembly on my 1994 Le Sabre. You guys really helped me out in a pinch!
Brian- Omaha

Very satisfied with the experience. The work was done ahead of schedule and the work done was extremely professional and flawless. Thank you so very much.
Erica- Omaha

Car looks great. Thank you.

Thank you for getting me in last moment and repaired within hours. Awesome friendly reliable service.

You do great work.

Prompt and efficient services.

Very impressed with the body work and how my truck looked upon completion. Thank you!

Thanks for your excellent help!

Thank you for all, plus arranging the rental car service. You make things easier!
Bierle- Omaha

Did not expect a car wash, let alone vacuuming the inside of my van. Very Professional!

I was completely and thoroughly satisfied with all aspects of your service. My car is like brand new and detailed to last. Special thanks to Mark and Kathy!

You guys ROCK!
Mary Jo- Omaha

Everyone is very nice and welcoming!

Everyone is always pleasant- Appreciate you taking the time to see if my noise was a Toyota recall. Very ethical.
Lori- Omaha

Once again Charlie Graham has exceeded my expectations! There is no sign of hail damage on my Lexus. Thank you!

Thank you so much. As a first time customer, I was completely satisfied.
Linda- Omaha

Very easy to do business with. Prompt attention when drive in.
Claudia- Omaha

Always a pleasure to do business with you.

Excellent I’d recommend you to any one. Thank you so much the car looks beautiful!
Deborah- Omaha

It’s always a pleasure to bring our battered and beaten vehicles to you. Thank you!
Scott- Omaha

We love Charlie Graham!

Again- Thank you. Everyone is always courteous, friendly and knowledge. I always enjoy coming to Charlie Graham and recommend all my car-challenged friends to come here as well.
Mae Timmons- Omaha

Thank you so much for your service. You went above and beyond my expectations! Cleaning the interior of a dirty car and ordering a cap and installing it at no charge was beyond excellent service. Thanks again!
Linda- Omaha

Everything was done in a very professional and friendly matter. Everyone was very helpful. Thank you.

Jim, Kathy, Mark and all the staff at Charlie Graham, thank you for always providing over-the-top customer service!

Staff very pleasant and clear in communications. Job well done and on time. Thank you!
Lance- Omaha

We got the vehicle back even more quickly than we expected and it looks great!! Thanks!
Joel- Omaha

Great work, and Excellent Staff! Will be back.

Window works great and the air conditioner feels great thanks again for great service.

Excellent as Always! Thanks!

Would only use you because of Mark!
Matthew- Omaha

Very trustworthy shop and employees!

Everyone was polite, professional, and the quality of the repair was excellent.

Appreciated the flexibility in moving the date since we’ve been working on insurance matters. Always appreciate Kathy’s customer service focus!